West Logistics Air Freight

Do you need a sample, trial or package as soon as possible? West Logistics will arrange this for you. Around the world, no matter from which country. With our door-to-door service we even make sure your air freight arrives at its final destination as quick as possible. Against the lowest possible rate.

Keeping prices low through consolidation. International Airfreight isn’t cheap. Through consolidation West logistics brings together different shipments which keep prices lower. Through consolidation different shippers end up on one master airway bill. That way you share airfreight cost with other shippers.

The airfreight services of West Logistics reach further than import and export of your freight on the first available flight. We outline a route for you whilst keeping an eye out for your deadlines and budget. This way you obtain the perfect balance between delivery time and cost price of your air freight.

West Logistics offers you the best air freight service against competitive prices combined with reliable service. Every shipment is, in consultation with our business relations, delivered in the quickest and most economical way. We will administer flight information and supply you with post flight information through email or fax. Of course we are also your partner for shipment to and from the airports.